I don’t know anyone who feels totally on their game the Monday after daylight savings in the Spring.  If I remember to, I like to change the clocks some time Saturday afternoon, so it isn’t a huge shock to my system.  I actually got to work early this morning, but quite a few people were late and completely thrown off, or red-eyed zombies fighting to get through the day.  They really should make the time change happen on Friday night so we have the weekend to adjust, or better yet, the Monday after should be declared a national holiday.

But daylight savings is when I let myself start to believe that Spring is finally coming.  Time to start thinking about packing up the winter gear, and getting ready for mud.  Snow melt makes it hard to go out for hikes or picnics too early in the season here in Colorado, but there’s no excuse for not getting out on the bike.  And better to start out slow, cruising in town and on the bike paths, and work your way up to road biking and mountain biking when it’s a little drier.

One of my favorite things for my pink retro cruiser is my Detour TOOCAN bike rack bag.  It’s a rack bag, but it easily slips out of the rack and has handles and shoulder straps, so you can tote it around.  This model is a little more durable but great for running errands, or a farmer’s market run, and it’s waterproof.  It even comes with a raincover.  I have a black one, actually two, but they come in other colors and new designs.

Check out the Detours site.  They came out with some new designs this year, and also have expanded their product line in the past few years to include some recycled and natural products.