Spring is here in Steamboat Springs, which means MUD season.  Mud is everywhere!  We could still have snowstorms through June, however, the sun beats down upon that glistening snow, and the beautiful white slush immediately becomes a chocolate slurpee.  This is a little late in the season for a recommendation on a winter trail shoe but these are definitely worth mentioning as a mud season running shoe.  Joel, Lyllah & I went for a run at Spring Creek Trail a couple of weekends ago, and as much as I tried to dodge those really murky puddles, you can’t avoid them when the whole trail is one long path of chocolate milk, and your husband is behind you calling out, “Why did you even buy those shoes, if you’re not going to run through the puddles?”  An hour and a half later, we got home and, my feet and socks were as dry as they were before we headed out of the door.  There are lots of great running shoes, but it’s hard to find one that keeps your feet that dry after a long soggy run.  The traction in the mud is great, and the gaiter works.  It’s not for running in knee-deep snow (how many people really do that?), but it does a good job keeping snow and debris out when it’s at a moderate level on the trail.

Saucony ProGrid Razor

Next time, I'll take a picture of my muddy versions!

They’re not cheap at $130-$135, but now, I run around in these all weekend.  It’s perfect for running on the trail or around town in the sludge.  And, I will still get some use out of them next winter running, and snowshoeing for even longer.

You don’t have to just take my word for it.  Here are a couple of other reviews: