I happen to love crafts, and if you’ve known me long enough, you know that I kinda dig being likened to an Asian Martha Stewart.  I don’t intend to post many craft projects on the blog, just because I don’t have the time to spend on them.  I wish I did.

Any way, I got a little crafty bug in me today when I saw my messy bathroom cluttered with several pairs of hook earrings that I rotate through.  I made this very cool jewelry holder several years ago with a fairly large frame and chicken wire (actually, I found out today, it is called hardware cloth).  So, I made three smaller versions to keep in the bathroom for easy access as I get ready every day.

Start with three 4x6 frames

I used 4×6 frames, but it’s up to you what size frames you’d like.

Add 6 inches of hardware cloth...

Or as much hardware cloth to fit in the frame(s).

Disassemble the frames. Remove glass, backing and all the insides.

All you need is the frame.  I purchased these frames new, but this is a great project for old frames where the glass may have broken. I am saving the leftovers to see if I can come up with a way to repurpose them some way.

Cut the hardware cloth to fit inside the frames. You can use the paper insert that comes in frame with the picture of the "fake" people as a guide.

Place the hardware cloth into the back of the frame, they should fit snugly if you used the paper insert as a guide.  And voila!  This project took me 15 minutes.

It was so easy and quick, I wanted to make more!

Any way, here are some pictures of my bathroom earring clutter…

Bathroom Clutter BEFORE

The jewelry clutter..

Counter & Jewelry Clutter

and here it is a little better…

AFTER - My earrings neatly hung!

Looks like art :-)

A close-up look

I used a little bit of that putty adhesive on the back of the corners to keep the frames in place.  Total cost of materials was $40 ($9 per frame, $2.50 for the hardware cloth).  Fifteen minutes of my time to make them, and then about another 10-15 minutes to hang them up.

Here’s a picture of the larger version I made several years ago.  I have this in my bedroom, it’s very decorative and does look like a piece of art.

Large Jewelry Holder is art in my bedroom

On the large version, I had purchased small stainless steel s-hooks to hang necklaces and pins from.

These holders don’t work for post earrings but I’m going to put a little thought into it and maybe I can come up with a solution.

I made this project years ago after seeing something similar at a shop.  I’m sure they’re out there for purchase but this is so simple, why buy when you can make it exactly to your specifications? Have fun!