Okay, I know I’m long overdue for a posting.  Not to make excuses, but I have been very busy despite the fact that I don’t currently have a full time job.  While seeking out “real” work 😉 and juggling some other challenging personal stuff, I have been working on my hobby.  I officially launched my hot yoga studio, VIRV Yoga, in downtown Steamboat Springs!  After doing a very simple business case in my head, I confirmed what I already knew, that I wasn’t going to build up my retirement plan on hot yoga. But, I did think it was worthwhile to fill a small niche in the yoga market here, as well as establish what I will be doing when I do eventually retire.

So, the hot yoga business is doing great, and my job search is still on and I’m finding some interesting leads.

Any way, I started a draft to review my NatureMill indoor composter some time ago, and it is on the agenda to finish soon.  I had been struggling on what my final assessment was going to be, but after 6 month of consistent usage, I think I have made up my mind.  Coming soon!